Thursday, January 9, 2014


(Me in LITTER (Photo by Lynn Bagley), a beautiful shot of where I'm from)

Welcome to Lethargian! 2014 has officially begun and I am officially starting my blog. Officially.

Now about the name—Lethargian. The Lethargians (actually spelled "Lethargarians" so clearly I am ok with the whole taking liberties thing) are a group of characters from one of my all-time favorite books, The Phantom Tollbooth; if you haven't read it you're missing out on some pretty enlightening third grade-level material. But anyway. The Lethargians live in a perpetual state of boredom in a land called The Doldrums, and they have laws against things like thinking and laughing.

So in choosing a name for this blog, I went with the ultimate contradiction. I am not a Lethargian. I am a writer, and am interested in pretty much everything, from culture to daydreams to fashion to art to fantasy to infinite. I love it all. So this is going to be my space to share whatever it is that catches my interest and holds it for more than five seconds.

Cool? Cool. See you around.

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